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What to do when you have unexpected guests

The pandemic has put a brake to socialising the world over but in a country where the ‘guest is god’, life cannot go on without welcoming people into your home – even if unexpected. Here’s a checklist to safeguard your health and theirs as well.

Ventilate rooms

Open doors and windows to allow fresh air to circulate – even if for a while. It would be best to entertain outdoors if space and weather permits.

Requests for your guests

The most sensitive of guests are unlikely to feel upset about being requested to leave their footwear outside and slip on ‘home’ chappals. Also, request them to wash their hands – rather than opt for a quick rub with a sanitizer. If rustling up a meal – opt for a buffet, rather than sit down across a dining table.

Wear a mask to clean up

Take extra care to cover your nose and mouth to create a barrier between you and lingering germs.

Avoid touching your face while cleaning

A study by The American Journal of Infection Control points out that people touch their faces at least 20 times every hour! With your hands constantly exposed to contaminated surfaces while cleaning, it’s easy for your body to absorb the pathogens through the mucous membranes on the eyes, nose and mouth. Consciously avoid touching your face when cleaning.

Don’t just clean - disinfect

Because your guest may be an asymptomatic carrier, this is critical. Soap-water is best to clean visible dirt. Use cleaning liquid in areas where you can’t use water. Once the surface is clean and dry, spray or wipe it down with a disinfectant to kill hidden germs. Focus on high-touch areas.

In order to be prepared for unexpected guests and cut down your daily chore-time, opt for Dr. Rhazes Surface Disinfectant Shield. This one-of-a-kind product in the Indian market ensures protection from 99.9% micro-organisms (including the dreaded COVID-19) for 7 days. Sprayed on to any hard or soft surfaces, it kills germs instantly and forms microscopic spokes on the surfaces that prevent microorganisms from settling on the same.

Spray the air in the space

Recent WHO reports indicate the virus may be airborne souse a disinfectant air purifier spray in the space you have entertained in. They neutralize any odour and kill bacteria in the air.

Wash your hands frequently

Yes, even if there are guests. Just do so discreetly. Remember to dry your hands carefully as germs may linger on in wet surfaces. You may also use a hand sanitizer (and encourage your guests to do so as well) while you are with your guest. Remember to use a sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol for it to be effective, and let it dry off on your hands.

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