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Choosing the best hand sanitizer that actually works!

‘Sanitizer’ is the new buzzword in the times we are in. We all have a small bottle of sanitizer in our bags when we go out, others lying around in our homes; and now, they’re placed at the entrance of shops and restaurants too. But here’s the thing: With so many sanitizers in the market, how do you know which one is right for you?

Although most hand sanitizers come with similar ingredients, instructions and, most importantly, promises, take a look at this checklist to ensure you’re getting what you bargained for:

Should you opt for an alcohol-based sanitizer?

Alcohol, particularly ethanol alcohol, has been found to effectively break down the outer coating of germs, thereby, rendering them sterile. And, contrary to a common perception, alcohol based sanitizers are safe to use on hands and surfaces. A study done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information now shows that alcohol-free sanitizers too work – so you need to make an informed choice.

Strength of alcohol content

Did you know that 70% alcohol content is the tick in the box? Sanitizers with smaller amounts of alcohol are less effective and those with too high a concentration will dry up quickly not giving the product enough time to act on the germs. The 70:30 alcohol to water ratiois optimum for your sanitizer to be most effective: This has just the right proportion of alcohol that kills the germs; and the water percentage allows enough time for the alcohol to work effectively without evaporating.

Product vs. Function

With sanitizers sold for different purposes – one for your hands, one for the kitchen and another for surfaces – the plethora of choices can be confusing. Instead of having to find and depend on various products for your needs, why not find that one multipurpose sanitizer that can do it all?

Protect your Skin

Since alcohol tends to dry out your skin, it’s a good idea to choose a sanitizer that comes with a moisturizer in it. This means two-fold protection. Your skin is hydrated and the natural protective oils in skin are preserved.

Active protection

Research shows that although hand sanitizers kill the germs instantly, they are only effective for one or two minutes after application. This means should you touch an infected surface almost immediately after applying your hand sanitizer you would have contracted the germs again. Finding a product that gives you instant and a reasonable length of safe-time is critical

Dr. Rhazes’ one-of-a-kind product, the Ultra Protect Gel checks all these boxes. A single application of this 70% ethanol-based product kills 99.9% germs instantly. It is also the only product in the market today that gives you lasting protection for more than 2 hours making it convenient to use. It may be used on your hands and hard surfacesas well.

Safety with ease – that’s what the multi-purpose Dr. Rhäzēs Ultra Protect Gel brings you! Bag it and gift it to all you care for.

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