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Searching for a long-lasting sanitizer? Look no further!

So you have your sanitizer handy and apply it periodically. But are you really ‘safe’ having done so? What if you touch an infected surface minutes after you’ve used your sanitizer?

A quality hand sanitizer kills 99.9% germs if rubbed thoroughly on hands but it does not claim to provide your hands with a protective shield. This means that moments after you have applied the sanitizer, if you happen to touch an infected surface, your hands will get contaminated again. And if you happen to touch your face with the infected hands, you will be introducing the germs in to your system – all within minutes of having used the hand sanitizer. (Remember research says we touch our face up to 23 times in an hour!)

Innovation was clearly the need of the hour! Dr RhazesUltra Protect Gel rose to the challenge and disrupted the market to plug this glaring lacuna. The one-of-a-kind product comes with a never-before proposition: the gel ensures lasting protection for up to two hours after application.When using Dr Rhazes product, you need not remember to re-apply your sanitizer every few minutes!

The wonder gel is made with the perfect ratio of alcohol to water – 70% ethanol – and may be used for both hands and surfaces. If the alcohol percentage is less than 70%, the product is less effective against germs. On the other hand, higher alcohol concentrations evaporate too quickly leaving no time for the product to act. A 70:30 alcohol to water ratio is the one proven to be optimum.

Do it right
The Center of Disease Control (CDC) emphasises that you must use the amount stipulated on the label of your product or enough to cover your hands completely. Rub your hands together thoroughly – between the fingers too – for at least 20 seconds until they are dry. For the hand sanitizer to work properly, you should not wipe off any product or rinse your hands. If you’ve got all that and bagged Dr.Rhazes’ Ultra Protect Gel, relax… You need not re-apply your sanitizer every couple of minutes, disrupting the important presentation you’re making!

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