Proactive Protection Gift Pack


This festive season, gift peace of mind. With the comprehensive Dr. Rhäzēs Proactive Protection Gift Set.
With Dr. Rhäzēs, you do not have to be reactive and sanitize after an event, but you can be proactive and take pre-emptive action. The Proactive Protection Gift Set contains a range of products that can proactively keep surfaces, hands, and even fruits and vegetables safe.

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Your loved ones are most precious to you. And you would do anything to keep them safe in these trying and unpredictable times. With the Proactive Protection Gift Set from Dr. Rhazes, you can make that protective instinct tangible and keep them safer.

Chances are, you are worried about your parents. What’s more, if you live away from them, you feel that concern even more.  But now, you can do your best to keep them safe. By gifting them Proactive Protection from Dr. Rhazes.

Proactive Protection Against Viruses This Festive Season

Customer reviews


I used to be so worried that the surfaces at my home could contain germs which could cause harm to my family. I am so thankful that I came across this product. It has made my life so easy.


I am a lawyer and clients keep visiting my office. I don’t really know how safe i am because though I maintain a safe distance, they might be infecting surfaces. With this product, I am not more worried. And i don’t also have to keep sanitizing the surfaces every now and then.


This product has made my life so better. I don’t have to bother about cleaning the surfaces again and again.


I always wondered if cleaning surfaces with a regular detergent power is safe or not. Even santizer don’t really keep surfaces safe. But with this product, I don’t have to worry much


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