Dr Rhäzēs Odour Repellent Foot Spray

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Product Description:

  • Removes odour effectively
  • Keeps feet fresh & fragrant
  • Anti-microbial & antiseptic properties
  • Keeps feet healthy & moisturized

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Enriched with

Active deodorant complex
– Keeps feet odor free

Neem leaf extracts & Thyme oil
– Protects from germs & keeps feet healthy

Aloe vera
– For hydration & nourishment

Just spray for odour-free feet

Dr Rhäzes Repellent Foot Spray has a special Deodorant Active Complex that is perfect for removing odour from your feet. It is enriched with natural extracts which keep your feet hydrated and nourished. It also has inherent anti-microbial qualities that keep your feet germ-free and fragrant. This spray dries quickly and leaves your feet smelling fresh all through the day.

How to use

Wash your feet and dry them completely

7 days - How to use-05

Put 3-4 sprays of Odour Repellent Foot Spray.

7 days - How to use-05

Repeat any time of day, basis your requirement

Dr Rhäzēs Odour Repellent Foot Spray

250 ml


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