Dr Rhäzēs Concentrated Vegetable & Fruit Wash – 500ml

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Product Description:

  • Kills viruses and bacteria*
  • Removes wax, pesticide, formalin, chemicals & dirt
  • Made from food grade ingredients
  • Retains freshness & extends shelf life
  • Free from SLS/SLES
  • Maintains pH balance

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Removes wax, germs, dirt and pesticides


Removes formalin


Kills viruses and bacteria*


Retains freshness and extends shelf life

The safest way to clean your vegetables and fruits

Just rinsing vegetables & fruits with water before cooking is not enough. Today, vegetables and fruits may contain a lot of viruses, bacteria, formalin, pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals and wax. Dr Rhäzēs Concentrated Vegetable & Fruit Wash not only removes all these impurities among others but also kills viruses and bacteria*. Our concentrated vegetable and fruit wash is made from food grade ingredients and ensures that your fresh produce is safe and clean before you consume. 

Designed & developed in Singapore.

Where to use



Any fresh produce

How to use

Mix one tablespoon (15ml) in 1 L of water

7 days - How to use-05

Soak vegetables and fruits for 5 mins

7 days - How to use-05

Rub gently and wash in running water for 30-40 secs

Kills viruses and bacteria*.
Protects your veggies and fruits.


250 ml


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