Dr Rhäzēs Antibacterial & Virucidal Wet Wipes

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Product Description:

  • Kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria
  • Also kills fungi & mildew
  • Safe on any hard surface including food handling surfaces
  • Easy sanitization on alcohol resistant surfaces
  • Disinfects surfaces in a single wipe
  • No rinse required

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Wet Wipes top pannel-01

Kills fungi
and mildew

Wet Wipes top pannel-02

Safe on surface, including
food-handling surfaces

Wet Wipes top pannel-03

Quickly sanitize alcohol
resistant surfaces

Wipe Away The Viruses With A Single Wipe*

Ordinary wipes may clean the surface, but don’t protect you from the dangers of viruses and bacteria. Dr Rhäzēs Antibacterial & Virucidal Wet Wipes kill 99.9% viruses and bacteria and protect your family in a single wipe. Not only that, our wet wipes kill fungi & mildew and help with easy sanitization on alcohol-resistant surfaces. These wipes do not contain harsh chemicals and are safe to use on food-handling surfaces

Designed and developed in Singapore.

Where to use

Ideal for frequently touched surfaces


Door knobs

Marble surfaces

Wooden surfaces

Kitchen cabinets

Glass — windows

Marble surfaces

Glass — windows

How to use

Wet Wipes How to use-01

Wipe the surface in one direction

7 days - How to use-05
Wet Wipes How to use-02

Leave the surface wet for 5 minutes before drying

7 days - How to use-05
Wet Wipes How to use-03

Do not reuse wipes

Wipe away the viruses,
with a single wipe*

Customer reviews


I used to be so worried that the surfaces at my home could contain germs which could cause harm to my family. I am so thankful that I came across this product. It has made my life so easy.


I am a lawyer and clients keep visiting my office. I don’t really know how safe i am because though I maintain a safe distance, they might be infecting surfaces. With this product, I am not more worried. And i don’t also have to keep sanitizing the surfaces every now and then.


This product has made my life so better. I don’t have to bother about cleaning the surfaces again and again.


I always wondered if cleaning surfaces with a regular detergent power is safe or not. Even santizer don’t really keep surfaces safe. But with this product, I don’t have to worry much


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