Dr Rhäzēs Multi-Action Foot Spray

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Product Description:

  • Unique skin smoothening formula
  • Repairs cracked heels
  • Keeps feet moisturized
  • Protects against germs, fungal infections and Athlete’s foot
  • Improves overall skin texture

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Restore health to your feet!

Dr Rhäzes Multi Action Foot Spray is a unique formulation designed to provide care for your feet on an everyday basis. Just spray on feet whenever you need it and it immediately starts working on repairing, restoring and moisturizing your feet. It also protects against germs while repairing cracked heels and providing a smooth skin texture. It’s inherent moisturizing properties prevent dryness and keeps your feet healthy and nourished.

How to use

Wash feet and dry completely 

7 days - How to use-05

Spray 3-4 times  

7 days - How to use-05

Repeat any time as required 

Dr Rhäzēs Multi-Action Foot Spray

250 ml


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