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Disinfectants: Instant Protection vs. Lasting Protection

You’ve made it part of the morning routine to spray your home and office surfaces with a disinfectant ensuring you start your day germ-free. But pause a while. You may have got rid of the germs already on the surfaces, but immediately after you’ve done so, there may be fresh germs deposited – through infected air droplets or direct contact with an infected person. Are you going to be re-spraying surfaces repeatedly through the day? Naturally not. So, what you actually need is a surface shield from germs – not just a germ-killer. 

This a critical aspect that is most often overlooked. The fact is that spraying surfaces with a disinfectant may be less than half the job done. Sure, the label may tell you that the mix of chemicals in your disinfectant gets rid of 99.9% microorganisms lurking on your surfaces. 

But does your disinfectant tell you how long the surface is likely to be germ-free? 

Unlikely. Most ordinary surface disinfectants merely eliminate germs but do not provide a protective shield for any length of time. For instance, if an infected person were to leave bacteria or viruses behind by touching a surface that has just been wiped down, the surface would be infectious again right away. So, although you get instant germ-free surfaces from ordinary disinfectants, you have to repeatedly wipe or spray the surfaces to try and keep them germ-free – an impractical proposition, at best.

Hand sanitizers face the same limitations

Micro-organisms on your hands are only killed in the first few minutes of the hand sanitizer being applied. Once it evaporates, the area is immediately prone to being infectious within a minute or two. But in this case, you may carry a small bottle with you and apply as often as you like – without spending time and effort on the task.

So what do you do to protect surfaces?

What is needed for long-lasting effect, is a disinfectant that not only cleans the surface but creates a protective shield that repels germs on it. This is where Dr. Rhazes Surface Disinfectant Shield comes in. It contains active silver ions that have a high level of anti-germ activity which makes it an effective disinfectant without containing too many chemicals. This surface disinfectant not only kills 99.9% bacteria and viruses, but also provides 7-day protection from illness-causing bacteria.

The proprietary antimicrobial compounds in the disinfectant coats the surface on which it is applied, forming, microscopic, long-lasting spikes. Germs falling on such surfaces, therefore, literally get impaled. In effect, your surfaces are protected from bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi from being activated on them for as long as a week. 

A boon for busy home managers and office go-ers!

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