Dr Rhazes Ultra Protect Spray

By Dr Rhazes

Product Description:

  •  Give your hands non-stop protection for 2 hours
  • Instantly kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria
  • Contains 70% Ethanol and proprietary anti-microbial compounds to protect you
  • No water required
  • Ideal for everyday use, can be used on skin and surfaces
  • Can also be used on high touch surfaces like mobile phones, remote controls, etc.
S&A Dis-spray-1

Kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria for 2 hours, non-stop

7 days -top pannel-02

Contains 70% alcohol

Ultra P gel top pannel-03

Contains proprietary anti-microbial compounds

Hand Sanitizer top pannel-03

Safe on skin and surfaces

Protected by Science

Ordinary hand sanitizing sprays are effective only for a very short time. The moment you touch a surface, you are no longer protected. So you need to spray repeatedly, every few minutes. Dr Rhazes Ultra Protect Hand Spray kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and gives your hands non-stop protection for 2 hours, in spite of multiple touches. Dr Rhazes Ultra Protect Hand Spray contains 70% ethanol and its proprietary mix of anti-microbial compounds protect you from viruses and bacteria for 2 hours, even if you come in contact with multiple surfaces or hands.
Designed & Developed in Singapore. Made in India

Where to use

Other than hands, the product can also be used on frequently touched surfaces such as

Elevator buttons

Remote Controls

ATM machines

Mobile phones


Kitchen counters

How to use

Germ kill SF How to use-01

Shake the can well

7 days - How to use-05
Germ kill SF How to use-02

Spray directly on hands

7 days - How to use-05
Germ kill SF How to use-03

Rub hands together and spread evenly

7 days - How to use-05
Germ kill SF How to use-04

Rub your hands thoroughly until dry

Expert protection that
keeps your family safe.

Customer reviews


Brilliant – Good 

–  Sudarsan Biswas


Highly recommended

Very good fragrance. Actual natural lemon flavour… Woooww… Just Loved it❤️❤️❤️
Highly recommended 👍👍👍

– Sajan



Really good

– Minna Selvin


Perfect product!

Great protection super product…Good quality

– Rijul Lal Thalakkadan


Just wow!

Awesome Product.
Now we dn need to apply sanitizer again & again.

– Sharad Sharma


Super awesome purchase. Now i dont have to put sanitizer every time i accidentally touch any surface. Really nice product

– Ikshit Batra


Nice Fragrance. Much needed product

– Guru Ranganathan


As per the required standards this product does have 70% Alchohol to kill all the germs. The fragrance is nice and is very effective in killing all the bacteria/germs.
It’s s must have in today’s time, and the small bottle makes it handy to keep it in the pocket/car/bag

– Mohit Keswani


Good product

In this present pandemic situation this is a very needy product. This is a chemical free product. Once used, it has an effect of up to 2 hours and keeps James free.It helps you feeling reilef after communicating with external objects. The gentle touch and the lemon fragrance of it is so stimulating as well.

– Customer, Amazon India


Good product

Very good fragrance Of lemon and this fragrance stay for 30-60 minutes and absorbed also fast
Must try it

– Customer, Amazon India


Just Wow. Excellent product

– Siddhartha Saksena


Super! Very nice product 

– Flipkart Customer


Simply awesome

Better then the ones available in market

– Anil P


Must buy!


– Rajni kant Tripathi



It is different from other sanitizers that have brought in past as it makes a protective coating sort of thing on palms. I guess thats how 2 hour protection formula is working. Good purchase and definitely better than other sanitizers I’ve tried recently. Will buy again.

– Flipkart Customer


Very good product

– Ameeth Malviyaa


It’s really very good sanitizer

This is best sanitizer very good quality the lemon flavor i really like it it so nace.Due to spreading of corona virus now everyone is looking for a Sanitizer to be Hygiene, Since there is a huge demand of it i am really unable to place the order for the item, Feeling now lucky after i successfully placed the order for it.fast delivery and good paking quality.

– Customer, Amazon India


Nice sanitizer

Nice consistency sanitizer gel smells good.
Due to small bottle easy to carry every where.

– Customer, Amazon India


best product

good experience

– Customer, Amazon India


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