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7 essentials that you should not leave your house without

The pandemic has created an unprecedented time. Going ahead, we need to change our ways and create a ‘new normal’. When venturing outdoors, it no longer suffices to ensure you have your wallet, phone and maybe the lip balm or deo you used to carry. Here is a list of essentials that you must carry in the ‘new normal’ to stay safe.

Cover up your nose and mouth
A face mask, as simple as it is, acts as a barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from travelling through air and entering your body. The mask must fit snugly over your nose and mouth as germs enter through the mucous membranes of these organs.

Ensuring that clean surface
Carry a pack of surface sanitizing wipes with you to wipe down potentially infected surfaces before touching them. Simply wipe down the surface and let dry – a troublesome but essential task to ensure sufficient contact time for the product to work. When travelling by public transport, line your hand with wipes before holding on to hand rings. You can also use a disinfectant spray like Dr. Rhazes’ Surface Disinfectant Shield. It not only cleans surfaces but creates a protective coating that lasts for 7 days.

Your passport to germ-free hands
Ahand sanitizer is now a necessity. For all the times that you cannot wash your hands, hand sanitizer will keep your hands safe. But use it correctly. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) states that alcohol hand sanitizers are only effective if you use the proper amount (check the label for exactly how much) and rub it all over the surface of your hands until they are dry. Make sure not to wipe, wash or apply any cream on your hands immediately after using.

Who would think paper could do it
Need a restroom break? Chances are the tissue paper there has been touched by several others. Why not carry a pack of your own to avoid being exposed to germs? Similarly, use your tissue papers in restaurants and cafes and avoid the ones handed to you or left at your table.

Cutlery cues to bag
Another simple yet effective way to reduce exposure to germs is to carry your cutlery. Just a spoon, fork and knife in your bag will do. If you’re at a restaurant or even in your office canteen, use your own cutlery. Not only will you be protecting yourself from germs, there’s likely to be less disposable plastic as well.

That health drink you can’t do without
Carry a water bottle so you don’t have to rely on a glass handed to you. Invest in a reusable glass or copper bottle. Copper has some added health benefits too. Stay hydrated and stay safe.

Extra care for your hands Hand sanitizing wipes can go a long way in ensuring you are safe. Protect yourself by wiping your hands thoroughly with wipes that remove excess dust and kills germs. Be sure to wipe in between your fingers and let it dry off naturally.

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